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B&B Distillery Spirits are now available by the bottle at The Washington Brewing Company, The Washington Winery, and Wamdering Spirits.


Note - Not all products and sizes available at all locations.

American Single Malt Whiskey

Our Flagship Whiskey! Made from 100% malted barley, pot stilled, and aged in new American oak barrels, our Whiskey is complex, flavorful and smooth. 50/Bottle, 30/Half Bottle


Reserve Single Malt Whiskey ** sold out, returning soon!**

Made from 100% malted barley, pot distilled, and aged in new American oak barrels, our Reserve Whiskey is complex and flavorful. This special whiskey is distilled from one of TWBC's beers giving this product a unique flavor.  60/Bottle


Cask Strength Single Malt Whiskey **sold out!**

Single Malt Whiskey from a blend of 45% wheat and 55% malted barley. This whiskey was barreled at a lower proof, creating a smooth, rich flavor that is surprisingly drinkable at 92 proof.  60/Bottle.



Reposado - 100% Blue Agave Spirit

Our Reposado Tequila is pot distilled and barrel aged. Taste both the citrus flavors from the 100% Blue Agave and the vanilla notes from the oak barrel. 55/Bottle.


Silver - 100% Blue Agave Spirit

Our Silver Tequila has a sweet citrus flavor with subtle floral notes. Ridiculously good neat or on the rocks. 45/Bottle


Cask Aged Spiced Rum

Reminiscent of Caribbean rum, this spiced rum has just the right combination of spice with undertones of oranges. 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors. 45/Bottle



Our Vodka is made from apples. Note the smooth, soft mouthfeel and distinct flavor. 30/Bottle


Apple Cinnamon Cordial

Made from apples and pot distilled, we blended this Cordial with apple juice & spices to create a delicious drink. Ridiculous good on the rocks, this Cordial also makes a great cocktail. 40/Bottle, 25/Half Bottle


Elderberry Cordial

Our fruit liqueurs are made from apples, pot disstilled, then blended with real fruit. This recipe procudes a bright flavor. Ridiculously good on the rocks, this Elderberry Cordial is also great in an Old Fashioned or other cocktail. 35/Bottle, 20/Half Bottle


Honeydew Cordial

Our Honeydew Cordial is ridiculously good on the rocks, in a cocktail, or mixed with club soda or tonic water. Add a bit of basil, mint or mint bitters for a refreshing twise. 35/Bottle, 20/Half Bottle



A twist to a classic Italian digestivo, our sweet orange liqueur is beautiful chilled on its own, or mixed with a splash of club soda over ice. 25/Half Bottle


Simply Whiskey Slushie Kits

Our Simply Whiskey is specially formulated to make a classic whiskey slushie. The kit includes a half bottle of Simply Whiskey, our Winery's proprietary slushie mix, and our recipe. 25/kit



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